6th Generation: Dr. Joseph Edwin Cox

Born: October 10, 1806
Married: Sarah A. M. Burge, November 10, 1831
Died: January 18, 1857
Burial: Sappony, Chesterfield County, Virginia

Mary Ann ("Mollie") Cox
Henry Cargill Cox
Joseph Edwin Cox

Cox's Snow

Dr. Cox froze to death on the night of January 17-18, 1857 along with a patient and the horse pulling his buggy. The storm on that winter night became known locally as "Cox's Snow."

They were all found the next morning at the entrance to the plantation of Dr. Cox’s brother, Judge James H. Cox. The patient, Mr. Traylor, was still alive when found ˝ mile from Judge Cox's home but died without regaining consciousness.

Dr. Cox was buried at his brother’s plantation, Sappony Creek, on January 23, 1857. Mr. Trayler was buried at Clover Hill, the plantation of Robert Page Grymes a mile away, on January 30.

Dr. Cox’s plantation was 8 miles away from where he died. He apparently got out of the buggy to open the gate to the road to his brother’s house, but died before getting back into the buggy.1

Mary Ann "Molly" Cox, daughter of Dr. Joseph Edwin Cox, had married Robert Page Grymes three years before her father died.


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