3rd Generation: Col. John Grymes

Born: 1691 at Grimesby in Middlesex County, Virginia
Married: Lucy Ludwell, December 22, 1715 at Green Spring, James City County, Virginia
Died: March 3, 1749 at Green Spring in Louisa County
Burial: Christ Church, Middlesex County, Virginia

John Grymes and Alice Towneley

Hannah Grymes
Philip Grymes
John Grymes
Lucy Ludwell Grymes
Charles Grymes
Alice Grymes
Benjamin Grymes
Sarah Grymes
Ludwell Grymes

John Grymes purchased Brandon, in Middlesex County on the Rappahannock River, from the Beverley family and built his mansion house there. From 1711-1748 he was on the vestry of Christ Church, a role his father served from 1694-1708.

In 1718 he served in the House of Burgesses, and was appointed Auditor-General of Virginia. He was appointed Receiver-General in 1723 (and held that position until 1748), and was added to the Governor's Council in 1725.1


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The Grymes Family