4th Generation: Benjamin Grymes

Born: January 19, 1725
Married: Elizabeth "Betty" Landon Fitzhugh
Married: Priscilla Rootes
Died: 1774 at "Smithfield" in Spotsylvania County1

John Grymes and Lucy Ludwell

Mildred Grymes
Mary Fitzhugh Grymes
Benjamin Grymes, Jr.

Benjamin Grymes lived at "Smithfield" in Spotsylvania County. He was elected to represent that jurisdiction in the sessions of the House of Burgesses for November 1761, January 1762, November 1762, November 1766, March 1767, March 1768, May 1769, November 1769, May 1770, and July 1771.

He purchased his Massaponax lands (6,300 acres in Spottsylvania County) from the heirs of William Woodford in 1758. That same year, he ended his tobacco-shipping business partnership with Anthony Bacon in London.2

Benjamin Grymes was in charge of the iron furnace and forge at Massaponax.3


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The Grymes Family