5th Generation: John Randolph Grymes

Born: 1747
Married: Susannah Beverley Randolph on May 20, 1779 in London
Died: 1796
Burial: Will:

Parents: Philip Grymes and Mary Randolph

Wyndham Grymes
Arianna Grymes
Mary Beverley Grymes

John Randolph Grymes was educated in England, starting in 1760.

At the start of the American Revolution, he lived on an 1,160-acre plantation on Gwynn's Island in Mathews County. He was a Royalist, rejecting the option of rebelling against King George III.

Lord Dunmore came to Gwynn's Island in 1776, after burning a portion of Norfolk. It was a surprise move, based largely on the claim by John Randolph Grymes that many Loyalists lived in the area. Though it was an island, it was so close to the mainland that it would not be easy to defend. 1

The governor and his British forces were forced from their camp and sailed to Staten Island. There, John Randolph Grymes became a Major in the Queen's Rangers on September 26, 1776, serving initially under Lt. Colonel Robert Rogers. He fought (for the British side) and was wounded at the Battle of Brandywine on September 26, 1776.

Colonel John Graves Simcoe assumed leadership of the Rangers after Bandywine, but Major Grymes resigned just a month later on October 26, 1777.

He went to England in 1778 and, while in London, married his first cousin Susannah Randolph. She was the daughter of a fellow Loyalist refugee, John Randolph. He had served as the Attorney General in the colony of Virginia, but like John Randolph Grymes chose to go to England rather than join with the rebels.

He ultimately returned to Virginia and settled in Orange County.2


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