5th Generation: Susannah Beverley Randolph

Born: 1755 in Charles City County
Married: John Randolph Grymes on May 20, 1779 in London
Died: October 16, 1791 in London
Burial: Will:

Parents: John Randolph Randolph II ("the Tory") and Ariana Jennings

Ariana Grymes
Mary Grymes
Charles Grymes1

Susannah married her first cousin, John Randolph Grymes, after he fought as a Loyalist with the British forces during the American Revolution. She was the daughter of Virginia's Attorney General John Randolph, who also became a Loyalist refugee. He was known as "The Tory" because he chose to go to England rather than join with the rebels.

She died in London, before John Randolph Grymes returned to Virginia and settled in Orange County.


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